Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dear Amanda,

Baby update: We went to go see them yesterday and they are adorably cute and tiny. They can breathe on their own but they have a little tube that forces oxygen in just in case. They are getting fed where the little heart is on their tummy. In a couple days they will be able to get fed breast milk through a tube, but they don't develop the sucking reflex until about 34 weeks. They are only 30 weeks right now, normal babies deliver around 40. Campbell is the smaller one, he's 2 lbs. and Luke is the one who was hogging all the food and he's 3 lbs. They are so precious. Hopefully you can see them sometime when they are bigger. They have to be in the hospital for at least 6 more weeks.

Here's Campbell.

This is Greg and Campbell's hands.

Here's Greg's hand next to Luke so you can see some proportion.

Here's Luke's cute feet.
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