Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dear Becca,

I'm still mad you didn't join Alyson and I for Thanksgiving. We had to have lots of adventures without you. I made Aly make pies while I was in class. It was ideal. Thanksgiving dinner was super delicious. We had turkey from Whole Foods and everyone brought a dish. I ate the appropriate amount of food (meaning I had to change into sweats to contain my belly).

On Friday we went to the Tate Modern and saw a play called Mother Courage and Her Children. Mrs. Dursley from Harry Potter was in it. On Saturday we went to Portabello Market again in Notting Hill. This time we found The Travel Bookshop, thank god.

We also went to the Winter Wonderland carnival in Hyde Park. I went on this roller coaster called Spuk. It was haunted house themed. I have no idea why. It was fun except for the part when I had to pay 4 pounds to go on it.

We went to Brick Lane on Sunday, which has like an outdoor market/ shops/ lots of other hipster things. I got an abundance of bagels from this place called Beigel Bake so I was satisfied. It was raining a ridiculous amount though so we decided to come back home and watch Love Actually. Good decision.

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