Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear Amanda,

So I just went to go see New Moon by myself. Which quite possibly could be the lamest thing ever but I was bored and felt like seeing it and no one would go with me. It was actually kinda nice. I don't realize how nice it is to be alone because I so rarely am. Basically the movie wasn't great, but you were definitely right and Jacob's 8-pack made up for it. I'm so Team Jacob. Bella should have seen how good she had it with him. Anyway, of course I'm sitting in the theater with my hood on praying no one I know sees me. The couple next to me: the girl gasped every time Jacob was in the movie, and every single time her boyfriend got mad. Definitely killed the vibe. Then the family in front of me had a little baby who got scared when it was loud. Who brings their baby to a movie at 10 pm at night? I felt so bad for her. She just wanted to sleep.

I hope you and Alyson have a wonderful Thanksgiving! She better make you pumpkin pie. Please feel sorry for me enough to come back home so I have someone to go to the movies with. Thanks.

Just because I had to:

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