Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear Amanda,

The bus was the best present ever. Aidan is playing with it right now. Niko loves it, and I'll definitely be stealing it when he's napping. I saw the box on the porch and I debated for about four seconds about whether or not I should save it until our birthday to open it. Clearly we opened it. Might as well make the birthday week start now.

Halloween was pretty lame. We were both sick and he trick-or-treated at our front door but that was it. And he only wore his costume for like 5 minutes before he got grumpy and took it off. Your costume was MUCH cooler than his zebra costume. We didn't even eat any candy. I like those blue leggings. Can you take the oyster off and just wear the leggings all the time? If so, that costume was definitely worth it.

You have exactly a week to make it home in time for the pirate party. You better start walking/swimming. We are going to have Costco pizza. Now I know you will come for sure. I've also been wanting to make a pumpkin pie but clearly that isn't going to be a feat I'm going to take on by myself. I might end up just visiting Marie Callenders.

I missed a whole week of school. I have a Chem test on Monday and I'm not ready so its definitely going to be my drop test. I keep waking up praying that maybe its December and the semester is over. I just want to be done with Chemistryyyyyy!

I hope you are having a good week at school. I'll probably put up another post tomorrow while I'm at work. I just wanted to send some thanks for the birthday stuff! Oh and thanks for wrapping it in swine flu newspaper. That was the best part.

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