Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dear Becca,

I've just been hanging out in London since I talked to you last. So I hadn't seen any movies since I've been here, but this week I saw two. Don't be jealous.

So the first one I saw was 2012. I knew it was going to be horrible, but I haven't had a good movie theatre nap in a long time so I went. I was actually praying the world would end a little early so I wouldn't have to finish watching this movie. Let's just say it was no The Day After Tomorrow. It possessed no qualities of a watchable film (i.e. attractive people, interesting plot, any elements based in reality).

Well things didn't get too much better with Twilight: New Moon. At least it had one of the three good qualities. You can probably guess which one. Let me just say Kristen Stewart is the most unlikable person ever to get a role in a movie. No matter how hard I prayed she just wouldn't die. Falls off motorcycle. Doesn't die. Jumps off cliff. Doesn't die. Antagonizes werewolves. Doesn't die. As you can see this movie was just a series of disappointments for me. The only redeeming quality was Taylor Lautner's 8-pack.

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