Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Becca,

We have much to catch up on. I'm glad you enjoyed the presents I sent. I won't even go into what a hellish experience it was mailing Font sizethose. I'll just say it involved me yelling at a roll of tape in front of lots of nice British people.

I must give you a play-by-play of my whole reading week. I flew into Venice on Saturday. That place is quite cool. There's like canals instead of streets (in case you hadn't heard). We basically just wandered around and got lost a lot. There were lots of nice bridges and gondolas, of course. We were there Sunday too, but the weather was not cooperating so it became a nap day. Somewhere along the way I ate a whole pizza.

Here's me looking cute in front of the Grand Canal:

On Monday, we took a train to Florence. We went to Il Duomo which is basically a big, fancy church. We tried twice to go see David by Michelangelo. The first time we got really lost and when we finally found the museum we realized it's closed on Mondays. The second time we got there and realized it costs 10 euros to get in so we left. They had lots of nice replicas of it in the souvenir shop next door so I'm just saying I saw it. I must also note that we had the best gelato ever at this place called Grom. You should definitely eat all your meals there if you're ever in Florence.

Here's a picture of Il Duomo:

On Tuesday we took a train to Pisa. In case you're wondering what's there, it's the Leaning Tower and literally nothing else. Some Italian people got mad at me cause I took my picture pushing it down instead of holding it up.

On Wednesday we flew to Barcelona. The weather was so nice. My skin is unaccustomed to being exposed to sunshine so it was a treat. We went to the beach that night and just bummed around. On Thursday, we pretty much just walked all around the city. Fun fact: my food for that day consisted of three Dunkin Dounts and a baguette. On Friday, we took a bike tour of the city. Yes, exercise is my greatest fear aside from revolving doors, but it was actually quite fun.

Here's me being all athletic in front of the Arc de Triomf:

By the way I called your phone a few hours ago, but you totally ignored me. Remember, you're supposed to put me on speaker phone during the party. I like to be included.

Postmarked: 10:18 p.m.


  1. AMANDA. can i just tell you that i'm reading this in the library cracking up and that there are a lot of people staring at me. your pic with the leaning tower is fantastic and i love your spelling of triomf. i miss you tons and hope that becca will come to her senses and recreate the pirate party when we both get home (after dec 22).

  2. thats how you spell arc de triomf when its in barcelona. do you really think i dont fact check my posts?