Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Becca,

I am writing this post because I don't want to be writing my art paper. It's a comparison between paintings from Cézanne and Braque. Just in case you wanted to help out or anything. I really don't appreciate teachers assigning me things to do while I'm on my European vacation. They should know better.

I must update you on my Halloween. And obviously you should do that same. Well on Friday night I didn't plan a real costume so I had to improvise. I'm sure you can attest to my creative genius from the photo below.

On Saturday (real Halloween) I was an Oyster card, which is the London Underground card. Besides having to pay 22 pounds for leggings from American Apparel, I really enjoyed this costume. It was certainly comfortable. I must also complain that it took me like three hours to sew on the letters and ribbon. You know me + art and crafts doesn't usually work out. Here are the fruits of all my labor:

I went to see the play War Horse with my uncle last night because he was visiting London. It was quite a lovely play. They had these really cool puppets that were like life-size horses. Check it out:

Thank god reading week is next week. No classes! I'm traveling for the week and staying in hostels. That is as close to backpacking as I ever want to get. Maybe a little too close. By the way it's like 9 days until the big birthdays. What are you gonna get me?

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