Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Amanda,

You missed some fun at the Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood. It was a really fun place and I got lots of cute pictures. Apparently tons of celebrities go there. As we were leaving there were a ton of paparazzi taking pictures of Phoebe Price (a really un-famous person).

We also passed Millions of Milkshakes and I REALLY wanted to get a milkshake but there was so much traffic. They have a Jon Gosselin shake now. I wouldn't get it just to spite him though. There won't be any more Jon and Kate Plus 8. And TLC is suing Jon for breach of contract. What is wrong with the world.

Niko has a new carseat now and he looks really big in it. He can face forward now and it thrills him to sit like that.

The Holy Family Fair was last weekend and of course it was very uneventful. The food was pretty good and I really wished I had taken some tickets from your house. You had SO many. I could have had so many canolis.

It's almost Halloween. Are you going to dress up? I love your pictures of Notting Hill. I watched that movie the other day and it was so good. I still don't really know the time change between us but we need to videochat soon. We forget what you look like and you definitely won't recognize Niko. He's a little bit mean now and he's kind of a bully. He's really cute though so he gets away with everything. I hope you are coming home for our birthday. I'm going to make some really yummy cakes.

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