Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Becca,

I'm glad you got to go to a pumpkin patch because I sure didn't. They just don't appreciate Halloween here. Millions of Milkshakes was pretty delicious although you might as well just drink Ben and Jerry's through a straw. Now I've made myself hungry again. I haven't been getting my daily recommended intake of ice cream here.

I can't even comment on Jon and Kate anymore. I shall adopt the children and start "Amanda plus 8 plus someone who will take care of the children for me." You can be that someone if you want.

I'm sure the Holy Family Fair was dreamy. You definitely should've taken some tickets. Monsignor doesn't need another new car.

And now for the moment we've all been waiting for:

Hogwarts was all right. I expected the classes to be a bit more lively but whatever.

I went on a trip with BC this weekend. We went to Hastings and Rye. Rye was this cute small town with really old houses. Apparently Stella McCartney lives there. Hastings was another cute town by the beach. It was so weird to see the beach since I've been sun deprived for so long. We happened to be there when the town was having a big celebration. There was this really strange parade with people dressed as pirates banging drums. Everyone was carrying torches or pulling barrels of fire. Awesome basically.

Then they had this enormous bonfire. It was nice since I was freezing. I think it's my curse in life to never dress appropriately for the weather. They also had a really excellent fireworks show. Like even better than South Pas High School which I know seems impossible.

Here's a pic of the bonfire.

I just saw your post about Niko's pacifier. Tell that child he needs to behave. He just has no discipline without me around.

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  1. I'm SOOOOO jealous you went to Hogwarts without me. SO JEALOUS. Niko went to sleep just fine. He cried for a half hour but then he passed out. =)