Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dear Becca,

I am loving Niko's zebra costume. He's a natural wild thing. I still haven't figured out what I'm going to be for Halloween. It's not very big here so naturally I have to go all out since I'm an obnoxious American.

I had a full English breakfast this morning. It was quite delicious and consisted of the following: an egg, some ham thing, sausage, half a tomato, mushrooms, beans, and toast. I've been eating so much lately. Last night I had this amazing Mexican burger. I've been so deprived of Mexican food so some guac was just what I needed. Talking about food is making me hungry which is bad because I don't own food.

I went to Notting Hill this weekend which was obviously amazing. They have this sweet market on Portobello Road. I'm might as well tell you what I ate there: a chorizo sandwich. So good. I waited 30 minutes and almost got hit by a garbage truck to get it. I didn't go to the Travel Bookstore but I'm definitely planning on going back so I'll be on the prowl.

My parents showed me the invitation for the big birthday party which is supposed to be in December. Must be a misprint. I loved the stamp. I would've liked to be in it but whatever. Niko needs to call me and tell me what he wants for his birthday.

Here's a picture of me in Notting Hill.

And here's a picture of a painting I bought in Notting Hill. I think you'll agree it's fantastic.

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