Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Amanda,

I finally got home from Chemistry after a super long lecture and lab.  I left my sweatshirt on the couch on the way out the door so of course I was freezing for 4 hours.  And I decided that I was going to do another juice fast today so I had a green smoothie that everyone was judging.  THEN I got home and my mom had bought raspberry milano cookies so obviously the fast was over.  I really don't think its for me.  It's just a little bit too hard to not eat all day and just drink juice.  I wish it was still yesterday and I wish that I was still eating that delicious McFlurry.  Looking at that picture that you posted makes me drool a little bit.  
My awesome teacher assigned this huge lab and I have a test on Monday, no no excuse me, a "mini-exam."  I'm going to try to finish it all tonight so that tomorrow we can go to In 'n Out, Yogurtland, and Boba and you can have your last ride in my car for a few months.  When you get back I might have to start charging you...  We should go to Target also.  If they don't have one in England you might just die, so you should look into that before you leave.  
I watched some of the Holiday last night and it somewhat reminded me of me and you because you are going to London.  The only differences were that we aren't madly in love with Jude Law and Jack Black, we aren't super rich, and we would probably never just trade houses with someone on a whim.  Other than that it totally could have been us.  
I have to go start my homework now because Niko finally fell asleep.  

Here are some pictures that I took in Chemistry today just to show you how much fun I was having.  And yes...I looked crazy trying to take a picture of myself.  Hopefully no one saw...

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