Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Becca,

This letter won't have an international postmark just yet, but I guess I'll let that slide for the next few days. You know I never do something without expecting something in return. I find it's a good life philosophy. Thus, I expect you to bring me boba tomorrow.

So we went to that sushi place tonight (Asanebo). I've never seen my dad so sad as when he saw the menu prices and realized it was gonna cost more than the gift certificate. I thought he was gonna send me back to the car. It was delicious, but I prefer the taste of money much more.

I am currently watching "Child Frozen in Time" on TLC. It's about this 16 year old girl who's mentally and physically like a 6-month-old. They could definitely do a part 2 of this show on me. I think I'm stuck at about 12. Will I ever realize my dream of being able to reach the top shelf? That could be the tagline.

Well I'm quite excited for our adventures tomorrow. Tell your dad not to get in a car accident this time so we can actually see the movie.


Here's a picture of how much extra we had to pay at the sushi place.

Postmarked: 10:54 p.m.

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