Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Amanda,

Last night was so fun.  I'm so glad we actually ate at Katsuya.  That tempura rock shrimp is so yummy and I've never had such good spicy tuna.  I wish the lighting had been coming from more than a single candlelight but oh well it was nice ambience.  I think we should go to the Americana more when you get home because it seems like a relatively nice place to shop despite all the interesting people that we came across.  Maybe that's just the late night crowd though...

I don't really understand why you would pollute our beautiful blog with a picture of that man.  I'm going to try to take up a lot of space with this post so that his picture gets off the front page.  I also don't understand why you would check out a book that sounds very academic.  You don't like to read, did you forget?  The library isn't a good place for us because we check out so many books and never read them, and then we don't return them on time so we end up having fines.  Economically, I just don't think its going to work out for us.  Besides the fact, of course, that I haven't been able to find my library card in a few years...

Here is our list of things we need to do today:
1.Go to the Apple Store and get my "G" button fixed, finally.
2. Get you a converter.
3. Go to Target
4. Eat
5. Get boba

You are leaving so soon!  I'm not ready.  =(  Hurry up and wake up so we can hang out.


Here is us at the Americana:

Delicious Sushi:

And of course, Ponyo:

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