Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Becca,

I have been remiss. My first class is tomorrow. It's going to be quite traumatic since I haven't had to go to school in five months. I haven't actually gone outside London yet but there's tons of stuff to see here so I've kept busy. So basically we don't eat here cause it's too expensive. I'm so in need of a Costco hot dog right now. I've been living on tap water and these things called digestives (they're basically cookies).

I can't believe you let Niko walk. You were supposed to hinder any mental/physical/emotional progress until I got back. He's gotten too big. It's really hard for me to brainwash him when I'm abroad. I should've thought about that.

I'm kind of peeved I'm missing out on all my shows. Everyone here watches X-Factor which seems really lame. It's basically just American Idol. Well we don't have a TV in my flat anyway. I wonder what happens to my body when not in the presence of a television for an extended period of time. It may rebel against me.

Anyway here's the only picture I have with me in it. It's in front of the London Eye when I went on a boat cruise.

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