Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear Amanda,

YOU ARE LEAVING TODAY.  I'm so not ready.  I hope you are though and I hope you have progressed in your packing since I left yesterday otherwise you are really in trouble.  I really enjoy the packing video that we made but unfortunately I think you are going to need more stuff than that if you are staying for a few months.

I don't really know what I'm going to do without you.  Who am I going to go to Target with??  Who am I going to make breakfast for?  Who's going to bring me Coffee Bean at work?????  That's the question I'm really concerned with.  This is going to be a problem and might cause a problem in our friendship.  Especially if you come back with a European arrogance.  You better come back with some really wonderful presents to make up for it.  

When you come back Niko will be one and I will be twenty.  That's a little bit ridiculous.  

Here is a picture of us, so you don't forget what we look like, even though we will probably look different in our old age when you get back.

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