Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Becca,

I hope chemistry class was wonderful. I went to the library today to return a book. I was nervous border control might be like high school: they won't let me leave if I have any overdue books. I only read like 3 sentences of the book. It was called Racist America and I'm still unsure what compelled me to check it out. I think I need to be analyzed.

I think Jon and Kate is on today. I saw a commercial last night during "Child Frozen in Time." I heard Kate was on The View today. I've got to start waking up in time to watch that gem. The show is definitely going downhill. The kids are becoming decreasingly cute as Jon is becoming increasingly intolerable. Deadly combination. And OMG I actually saw a lady today with the Kate haircut. I'm pretty sure I got uncomfortably close to her, but it was worth it.


Here's a picture of the author of Racist America. Seeing this caused me physical terror.

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